4. Demonstrations

Examples of how to use the package are under the example folder of Algotom. They cover most of use-cases which users can adapt to process their own data. Examples of how to process speckle-based phase-contrast tomography is at here.

Users can use Algotom to re-process some old data collected at synchrotron facilities suffering from:

  • Various types of ring artifacts.

  • Cupping artifacts (also known as beam hardening artifacts) which are caused by using: FFT-based reconstruction methods without proper padding; polychromatic X-ray sources; or low-dynamic-range detectors to record high-dynamic-range projection-images.

There are tools and methods users can use to customize their own algorithms:

  • Methods to transform images between the polar coordinate system and the Cartesian coordinate system.

  • Methods to separate stripe artifacts.

  • Methods to transform an image between the reconstruction space and the sinogram space.

Tomographic data for testing or developing methods can be downloaded from Zenodo.org or TomoBank. Methods can also be tested using simulation data as demonstrated here.